Why Do People Need Religion

Every slightest event that affects our psychics causes the inevitable reactions which we experience as emotions or feelings. When we remain in this or that state of mind we often are not completely aware of its reasons. Every simple or complex phenomena of a human psychology has the implicit impulses that launch it. One of such phenomena is religionism. Many people who suppose themselves to be the holders of a certain religious belief consider that religiosity is a natural feature of a human soul. In 1927 Sigmund Freud stated that the concept of religion is aimed to fulfill three tasks simultaneously. It helps the people to neutralize their fear of death, accept the situation that can’t be changed and accept the unfairness of the human society. It is hard to decide which of these three factors is the main one making the people stick to this or that religious belief. In the beginning the religion was the attempt of the prehistoric people to protect themselves from the disasters of nature. Reducing the fear of death is by all means the secondary effect of faith.

  • The ancient human beings couldn’t explain the frightening or pleasant natural phenomena. That’s why they used the religion to find the possible reason for thunderstorm or sudden sunshine. The unpleasant and dangerous things were supposed to be the punishment and the favorable ones were supposed to be the praise. The relationships of gods were considered to be similar to the human ones. Each person no matter during whet epoch he lives tends to apply his own stereotypes and experience to the current situation. As the time passed by ideas of the society were alternating. That causes the necessity to reform the religious dogmas.
  • Another powerful motivation for the people to join the religious community or denomination is the fear of death. Only a few ones have enough courage to accept the fact that they can’t live forever. The human personality will inevitably vanish as soon as the person dies. But the religion assures that the soul of a human is immortal. That somehow reduces the fear of the future death.

  • The third factor is that the religion is the best nerving pill for the whole humankind. Many determined fanatics and cult followers join various sects when they need comforting. The religious person always feels that he is not alone as there are many followers of the same denomination in the world.
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