Business Strategies for Real Life

One of the definitions of the word “marketing” is a set of actions which lead to company’s success. However, you can view your life as a company which should conquer lots of professional and personal heights and use marketing methods and instruments for achieving your own aims.

For instance, let’s take SWOT analysis which is used to define strong and weak points of the company. According to the results you can understand whether the company has enough resources to realize the opportunities. For example, if you search for work, you can point out your advantages and improve your weak points by establishing aims according to SMART criteria, which mean that your aims should be:

  • Specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Achievable;
  • Realistic;
  • Timed.

Marketing researches are used by the companies to define the needs of the customers with the help of deep interview, examination of focus groups and experiment. You can apply all these methods in your personal life – make a deep interview with your partner to find out his preferences in food or sex, as well as in your appearance. Or discuss the problem with a focus group of your friends as it will provide you with different points of view.

Additive strategy is used to choose the best solution of this or that problem. Total use of every solution is viewed as the sum of estimates for separate paragraphs. So, if you, for instance, try to decide where to go on your vacation you can draw a list of the most important factors (cost, terms of accommodation, personal interest), define the level of importance for each of them and estimate the options using five-point scale. Then multiply the estimates on the level of importance and sum them up. The higher the result is, the better your chances are.


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