Time Management for Free-lancers

The well-organized people who always plan their life ahead easily fulfill their tasks if they are free-lancers. The methods of time management may probably seem ridiculous and too naive for them.

The methods of time management are necessary to be used to organize your time wisely and improve the level of your productivity. If we consider time management in the context of our life it may appear to be impossible to rule the flow of time. It goes beyond us and manipulates us. It doesn’t matter how much do we want to turn it back or move it forward more rapidly the result is the same. We have no power to change its rhythm. The time goes by independently from our desires.

But we have an opportunity to change the order and amount of the things that we fulfill during the certain period of time. The free-lancers ofter complain that they lack self-control and discipline to fulfill all the necessary work and deliver the projects in time. Here is the list of simple tips to help the free-lancers in organizing of their working hours and leisure ones.

  • In the morning do some physical exercises and smile to yourself in the mirror. Catch the positive impulse. That will prevent you from the persistent wish to take a sweet nap during the day. If the morning is started with the right attitude the work won’t seem to be an unpleasant and boring activity at all. Don’t forget to have meals regularly. A meal taken in time will maintain the steady working pace without leaping and full abstinence from fulfilling your functions. Without a proper meal your productivity level will decrease for 30 % in an hour and to the end of your working day it will decrease for 67 %. If possible try to alter the activities each hour.
  • Plan your day beforehand and try to keep to your plans during the day if nothing extraordinary happens. But don’t try to organize everything. In that case a free-lance work will lose its sense. Plan three quarters of your future tasks. If you won’t succeed to carry put the whole planned working tasks you won’t be upset.
  • Learn to balance the distracting moments with the period when you get fully absorbed into your work. That will prevent you from the necessity to meet the deadline in the latest hour before midnight. Do the tasks which are the most important ones at first. The less important tasks that may be fulfilled later are often appear to be unnecessary to be completed at all.
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