Guest Marriage: Invention of Modern Society or Ancient Heritage?

According to the common definition guest marriage is the form of the family relationships when the spouses don’t share to house and each one runs the house separately.

The wife and husband who prefer guest marriage may even live in different countries and spend only holidays and vacations together. One may suppose that the history of the guest marriage is not a long one but in fact the social studies say that this form of relationships has been known long before the present days. It is considered that the idea of the guest marriage is based upon the views on the relationships between a wife and a husband which were wide-spread ones during the Middle Ages. In those times the men often were to leave their houses for quite a long period as they were supposed to serve their fatherland. Their wives used to stay in the country seats while their husbands were working in the other towns. The wives ran the household and had numerous female companions to make their living no so boring. In that way the whole family used to reunite quite seldom.

In that period of time the marriages were signed without the agreement of both fiance and fiancee. The divorce was unacceptable and no one can say for sure that the husbands and wives didn’t cheat on each other living separately.

Today such marriages are a common phenomena among the people of around 40 years old. That is a sign that the both spouses are so sustainable that they don’t need constant support. People of artistic occupation also prefer guest marriage as in that way they get the opportunity to go on tours or organize art performances all over the world.

Exterritorial relationships give people the balance between the family feelings, independence, martial status and personal freedom.

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