Why Don’t Men Leave Silly Women

If you look the statistical data you will see that the most part of the men split up with their bright, intelligent and clever wives. But those who are married to the narrow-minded naive women even don’t think of get divorced. So why the intelligent men leave their intelligent women and build families with the awfully silly women?

  • The first and probably the main reason for that is the helplessness of a silly woman. An intelligent and successful women are not helpless at all. She is able to solve her problems herself and overcome all the obstacles on her own. Leaving such a strong woman a man is sure that she will make it through. It is far more difficult to leave a silly woman. A man feels like leaving a small kitten in a drying ditch. She can’t cross the road on her own so how could she continue bringing up her children and driver her cars without the constant prompts? A man starts feeling responsibility for that helpless woman and what is more important he feels himself to be more significant and indispensable.

  • The second important thing is demands. The silly woman demand less from their husbands as a rule. A naive woman is happy if her husband supports the family financially, spends weekends with children and doesn’t come home drunk. The man gets the opportunity to manage the finances and date with other women secretly. Sometimes he feels sorry for his silly wife and buys occasional presents for her. Everybody is happy.
  • The third reason for men not to leave their silly wives is the fact that the last are convinced that their husbands are the cleverest, prettiest and strongest of all. How can a man leave such a woman? She is the perfect background for looking splendid and sophisticated while telling an old joke. If a wife is silly her husband won’t suffer from inferiority complex.
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One comment on “Why Don’t Men Leave Silly Women

  1. I like this. I think it’s because intelligent, woman answer back. Also they are strong and doesn’t put up with nonsense.

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