Children Of Cronus


Tokyo subwayIn the end of March 1995, hundreds of Tokyo underground commuters felt the sudden unusual symptoms which were mistaken for the odd signs of flu or food intoxication. It was sarin. A lot of innocent citizens became the victims of underground sarin attack performed by the adepts of Aum Shinrikyo on Chiyoda Line, Marunouchi Line  and Hibiya Line. This episod is known as Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway

These areas of Tokyo Subway were one of the most crowded in that morning hour as may salarymen were commuting to their work.
The perpetrators of this dreadful terroristic attack were the most brilliant people of that time captured by the neoreligious sect Aum Shinrikyo. The name of this sect may be translated as “The Supreme Truth”. But how did it happen that this insane act of blind rage was performed by the outstanding scientists, doctors and philosophers?
To answer that complicated question, one should study the memoirs of the former and present members of Aum Shinrikyo (now transformed to  Alef ). The most surprising fact that unites all those memoirs is that none of the adepts, either former or present, assumes that these anti-social actions were the real aim of Aum. Some of them admit that Shoko Asahara (the leader of Aum Shinrikyo claimed to be the new Buddha) has finally chosen the wrong path, while another ones just can’t still believe the fact that their guru has ordered to kill people in the subway.
Let us go deeper. All the people who agreed to have their memoirs recorded and published claim that they used to feel themselves detached from the modern society since their early childhood. All those people weren’t satisfied by the model of life which was suggested by the society and tried to search for the “true way of life”. Probably, someone will recognize him- or herself when reading these confessions. After all, any of us has entered the similar search request: How to Find Yourself .
The sect adepts have the eye for such searching tangled and dissatisfied people. They offer them a new life and enlightenment. Here is the moment when the whole aim of this or that teaching is either alternated or hidden in order to catch more and more obedient sheep. The adepts of sect used various psychological mechanisms of gaining trust and smiles of their victims. If you search for the simplest mechanisms of gaining trust like this one:, you will see that they use the simplest ones.
The main problem is not that such people are so naive and silly to get into the destructive sects. The true reason for such dreadful things to exist is the fact that the modern social system has no niche for sensitive and searching people who are spirit oriented. Educational institutes can’t solve this problem as well. The bright scientists and doctors with honorable degrees  who were the real masters of their occupation still couldn’t find their own place while the doors of all the world’s universities were open for them.
The system went wrong and the mechanism of self-destruction has launched.


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