The Most Well Known Theories Appeared To Be Wrong

We are used to trust scientists. We refer to them when we want to ground our words, we quote some quotes and involve experts to solve various issues. But they are still ordinary people just like us and can be wrong at times.


The idea of turning Plumbum to gold was not really obsolete like today and this is easily explainable. The first experiments on chemistry were more that promising: some mixed materials changed colors, exploded and flew away, grew and collapsed. The conclusion was obvious: why can’t a rough metal become a shiny yellow one? People started searching for a specific reagent which was also called the “Philosopher’s Stone” which remained just a blind hope along with the “Elixir of Life”.

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Time Management for Free-lancers

The well-organized people who always plan their life ahead easily fulfill their tasks if they are free-lancers. The methods of time management may probably seem ridiculous and too naive for them.

The methods of time management are necessary to be used to organize your time wisely and improve the level of your productivity. If we consider time management in the context of our life it may appear to be impossible to rule the flow of time. It goes beyond us and manipulates us. It doesn’t matter how much do we want to turn it back or move it forward more rapidly the result is the same. We have no power to change its rhythm. The time goes by independently from our desires.

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Business Strategies for Real Life

One of the definitions of the word “marketing” is a set of actions which lead to company’s success. However, you can view your life as a company which should conquer lots of professional and personal heights and use marketing methods and instruments for achieving your own aims.

For instance, let’s take SWOT analysis which is used to define strong and weak points of the company. According to the results you can understand whether the company has enough resources to realize the opportunities. For example, if you search for work, you can point out your advantages and improve your weak points by establishing aims according to SMART criteria, which mean that your aims should be:

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The World’s Most Violent Dictators

There are many “bloody stains” in the history. The violence and cruelty of dictators was the source of legends. The following list of the names is only the little part of the tyrants which existed in the human history. The names of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini or Ivan the Terrible haven’t been mentioned in this list but they are also well-known for their unbelievable severity.

  • Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who is known as the last emperor from the Julio-Caludian dynasty. In the end of the year 58 he became completely unaware of the government and started the period of terror and tyranny. The numerous prosecutions of the cases connected with insulting of the emperors name were aimed to get rid of his political opponents. The violent governor also put his wife Octavia and his mother Agrippina to death. He is believed to fiddle while Rome was burning. Nero was the one who initiated the victimization of the first Christians.

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Henna Night

The fruit vases are standing everywhere, the plates with Eastern sweets and flowers, the candles are burning and shedding aroma scents, the women are sitting in the circle singing sad songs and drawing sophisticated patterns on their hands with henna. In that way the traditional Muslim bridal shower is usually spent. It is called the Night of Henna. The feminine relatives and friends of a bride gather in a beautifully decorated room wearing their best outfits to take part in a ceremony of seeing their dear friend off. The traditional color of bridal dress is commonly red in Muslim countries so only the bride is allowed to wear it. She usually covers her face with a thin silk veil and left her hands bare. According to the traditions at first the hands of the bride are being painted with henna. Than the hands of all the women who are happy in their marriage are being painted. Henna is supposed to remember the positive vibrations of happiness. After that the girls who want to get married soon stretch their hands to have them painted. In that way they believe to attract the happiness and luck.

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Accidents That Are Typical of River Vehicles

Some people tend to have worries that traveling by boat may appear to be dangerous. The most often troubles that may happen on a board of water vehicle are collision, taking the ground, fire and sinking. According to the statistics the accidents on rivers happen more seldom than the ones in the sea. It sounds like a paradox but the safety of the river traffic is connected with its rules. A river is similar to a road and the vehicles keep to their lines. Moreover their captains arrange and corrects their tracks via portable radio sets. The boat which goes downstream has the right to go ahead. The one that goes against the current is to stop and let the previous one go. It is easier to stop for the boat that goes against the current and that’s why it has to wait until the head-on vehicle passes by. The captains of the river vehicles have to stop in front of the area where running ahead is prohibited. They inform the other captains that their vehicles are going to enter those zones for other boats to correct their tracks.

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The Underground Railroad.

The number of those men who know how to use wholly irresponsible power humanely and generously is small. Everybody knows this, and the slave knows it best of all; so that he feels that there are ten chances of his finding an abusive and tyrannical master, to one of his finding a considerate and kind one. Therefore is it that the wail over a kind master is loud and long, as well it may be” (Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom’s Cabin)

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