Children Of Cronus


Tokyo subwayIn the end of March 1995, hundreds of Tokyo underground commuters felt the sudden unusual symptoms which were mistaken for the odd signs of flu or food intoxication. It was sarin. A lot of innocent citizens became the victims of underground sarin attack performed by the adepts of Aum Shinrikyo on Chiyoda Line, Marunouchi LineĀ  and Hibiya Line. This episod is known as Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway
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Why Do People Need Religion

Every slightest event that affects our psychics causes the inevitable reactions which we experience as emotions or feelings. When we remain in this or that state of mind we often are not completely aware of its reasons. Every simple or complex phenomena of a human psychology has the implicit impulses that launch it. One of such phenomena is religionism. Many people who suppose themselves to be the holders of a certain religious belief consider that religiosity is a natural feature of a human soul. In 1927 Sigmund Freud stated that the concept of religion is aimed to fulfill three tasks simultaneously. It helps the people to neutralize their fear of death, accept the situation that can’t be changed and accept the unfairness of the human society. It is hard to decide which of these three factors is the main one making the people stick to this or that religious belief. In the beginning the religion was the attempt of the prehistoric people to protect themselves from the disasters of nature. Reducing the fear of death is by all means the secondary effect of faith.

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