Are men polygamous?

Many women tend to think that men are polygamous by nature. Quite often it means that sooner or later your significant other would be bored by you. And as the result he would like to find someone else or at least he would be attracted by someone more interesting and attractive than you are. How often do we generalize our relationships? Does this rule work for absolutely everyone? Don’t you think that by generalizing and stereotyping your man you could simply damage your relationship?

The point is that not many women easily forgive mistakes of their partners. Moreover if you were betrayed once you probably could not be loyal in future. It means that you would hardly trust your boyfriend and his words. You would be sniffing out trying to find as much as possible about his past relationships. So the issue seems to be more controversial.

There is no point at all to focus your attention on this fact. Moreover some women are sure or at least try to believe that this scientifically proven fact has nothing in common with real life. You should remember that there are faithful and unfaithful men. Take into consideration that there are faithful and unfaithful women as well.

First of all you should find out what are actual reasons of your fears and distrust. Who did betray you in the past? If your ex boyfriend cheated on you some time ago it doesn’t mean it would happen to you again. So try to do your best and do not generalize your current relationship. Obviously it is useless. There are divorced men who have never cheated on their ex wives. And they divorced for some different reasons. C’mon, your private life is not about statistics. It is about you and your partner. Try to get rid of stereotypes that probably have nothing to do with your man and your relationship.

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One comment on “Are men polygamous?

  1. jaksichja says:

    Interesting post. Men mature slower than women.

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