Accidents That Are Typical of River Vehicles

Some people tend to have worries that traveling by boat may appear to be dangerous. The most often troubles that may happen on a board of water vehicle are collision, taking the ground, fire and sinking. According to the statistics the accidents on rivers happen more seldom than the ones in the sea. It sounds like a paradox but the safety of the river traffic is connected with its rules. A river is similar to a road and the vehicles keep to their lines. Moreover their captains arrange and corrects their tracks via portable radio sets. The boat which goes downstream has the right to go ahead. The one that goes against the current is to stop and let the previous one go. It is easier to stop for the boat that goes against the current and that’s why it has to wait until the head-on vehicle passes by. The captains of the river vehicles have to stop in front of the area where running ahead is prohibited. They inform the other captains that their vehicles are going to enter those zones for other boats to correct their tracks.

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