Rules and Tips for Sales Assistants

The customer should always get hat he wants as he pays money for that. Of course some customers are not the most polite people in the world but still The profession of salesperson presupposes the well wishing attitude to all the clients. A salesperson is literally “the face ” of the company selling various goods from household appliances to car tyres. Moreover a sales assistant is always “on his duty” as he should always be ready to meet the clients and tell the about all the advantages of the products to make the best offer.

If a potential buyer asks about the size of this or that clothes item the salesperson should offer the client to tyr the garment on. The phrase “That would be too small for you” may sound rather rude. Even if the shop assistant is sure that the size chosen by the customer is wrong he should let the buyer to try the clothes on in order to let him make sure that it doesn’t suit. Remember that after all the buyer has the right to choose anything he wants.

The annoying service is even worse than the complete neglect. To follow the steps of you customers and give him endless advice is merely the sign of ill manners. Many people just leave the shop in that case even if they really need to buy something. In that way the pushy service may frighten the customers off.

Another extreme is the neglectful careless shop assistants that feel lazy to greet the buyer and pay any attention to his expressive silent waiting.

A good qualified sales assistant should know quite a lot about the goods that he sells. If a customers asks some questions concerning the product characteristics he should be able to give the definite ad informative answers.


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